When Life Begin To Sprout

What dreams do we have when we were still young? Every time I asked my friends, whose obligation, understanding is forcefully ripen, "what part in your life do you regret the most?". If you were to ask the same question as this one, can you answer with proud glimpse? Most of them yes! Well, that's … Continue reading When Life Begin To Sprout

Garbled Meant

"The hardest thing to control in this world is attitude, once you have it, escaping is no longer your first choice." I have encountered a different person in my life, each of them brought me a lot of lessons and earnings in both positive and negative aspects throughout my journey and guess what? I'm so … Continue reading Garbled Meant

Always Be Hungry

Learning is like a ball, there is no end, no sign or specific starting line. That is why we should not wait for another chance to learn because it takes efforts and spices to come up with a perfect mixture that is a better understanding of every wisdom floating around us. Not just by limiting … Continue reading Always Be Hungry

Beauty Beyond Measure

B- blessing that few man can see E- exemplify everything with a taste of simplicity A- attention-grabbing yet no one embraced U- unintentional, pure and natural it says T- trunk of goodness where you can experience the word bliss I- indulge you in the realm of humanity F- filled with joy and overflowing sincerity U- … Continue reading Beauty Beyond Measure

Sweet Revenge

The shift had shown how experiences took ways that would allow individuals to overcome being fell in the cliff of tragedy. I just can't imagine how disaster brought me into this wonderful nightmare of opportunity that it turns out into something very cool and fantastic journey, way to a successful dream that held me blooming … Continue reading Sweet Revenge

Lifeless Journey with Endless Vision

Individual growth is a matter of perspective, it depends on how you choose its fertilizer to make it bloom. Growth is a centralized, yet broad process, you need to have right control of it. It takes so many efforts and determination to acquire. It's like an individual dream as well, you have to seek a … Continue reading Lifeless Journey with Endless Vision

Elation Limit

Explosive dosage of heartfelt experience, Bring no one but the tense of joyous sense. Grievous milestone in existence of lifeblood, Though we can deny, indeed we all had. ... Encompassing tasteful enchantment, Isn't a lifelong n' compulsory tournament. It's not too late so don't you pretend. Sip a little drop n' throw a lightly bend. … Continue reading Elation Limit

Vicious Pleasure

You hugged me like a little cottony, Words and stories shared artistically, You offered so much of amenity Lots of activity, you'd like to convey. ... Strong and brave, you made me believe As you made me stood out of naive Without you I may have a thousand lapse In a dangerous distance I may … Continue reading Vicious Pleasure

Duct of Emotion

Mood beyond devastating stress Exempt no one, yet makes a mess Trapped portion cause by emotion Fully gone if you let it blown  ... Singing, the moon says for a whilst Care about you nor the rest For only thee can make you lift If you give yourself a priceless gift  ... Pursue the great … Continue reading Duct of Emotion

Road to Happiness

I consider it as my great experience when I started to realize I'm already following some of this tips. It was just a couple of days when I attended a seminar from Kyocera where I'm having my internship. So for that, I have here some tips or ways on how to walk in the ROAD … Continue reading Road to Happiness